Ruinas del Convento de la Concepción // ANTIGUA, GUATEMALA

Collaborative study between the Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture Departments at the Rhode Island School of Design led to this project based around the “Ruinas del Convento de la Concepción,” in Antigua, Guatemala. The objective was to create an artist’s residence housed in these ancient ruins that would not only restore the grandeur of the historic site, but serve as a place to revitalize the community.

Residency on location is designed for architects and urban planners: anyone interested in the study of human scale in an architectural context. Programatic elements are laid out to serve as semi-isolated nodes of circulation to allow residents to take an altered perspective on the landscape, and allow a simple separation of private and public space with a delicate footprint.

Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua, Guatemala


The site is located on the edge of historic Antigua, Guatemala.

The La Concepcion Convent is attached to a beautiful two story home along with a small guest house and spacious grounds. There is also a small in-ground pool and mid-sized storage shed. The gate to the grounds is in its original condition and will become a crucial access point for any program iteration.

N 14° 33' 26.138" // W 90° 43' 39.5633"

N 14° 33' 26.138" // W 90° 43' 39.5633"


The residence will generally host 12 mid term residents, 3 long term residents, and 1 program director ( along with his or her family).

All participants will be expected to upkeep, curate, and contribute to an onsite gallery. This gallery will serve an important function, serving as the guage of public diffusion in Antigua, and a way to integrate into the local art community.


  • Main House
  • Art Gallery
  • Observation Roof-deck
  • Art Director's Residence
  • Parking
  • Storage space
  • Ruins
  • Private Studio
  • Circulation


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